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Coming to Bosquet is the best way to make your vision come true. From your first call to the installation of your bespoke wooden doors and windows, our entire team is dedicated to understanding your needs and desires, and listen to you as we craft your ambitions into reality.  

A door is statement about your unique personality. And that goes double for a front exterior door. It announces your identity. Is your identity bound in a catalogue? Neither is your Bosquet door.

We trace it, shape it and assemble it for you and only you. Always made to measure to suit the scope of your projects.


Nature and civilization in lockstep.

Bosquet brings nature into your interior world. Wood and glass are our materials of choice, and 70 years of experience have revealed their secrets – and their full potential.

It’s through unbound respect and tremendous mastery that we are able to let nature fully express itself: rich, marvelous and unyielding.

By leveraging modern methods and processes, we can build extremely durable wood products that require little to no maintenance.

But as strong and ancient as it is, wood remains a vulnerable resource. We strive to work providers that manage this precious gift in a responsible way.


Bosquet can count on a reliable network of select certified installers.


These associations allow us to guarantee our products at every step – from the workshop to your threshold.

And that’s crucial: a carefully executed installation will let you get the most of your investment, by ensuring tight sealing and component integrity. And even more so with custom doors and windows.


A mere 12 to 14 weeks for custom doors and windows, from blueprint to your step, installation included.


For custom-made wood doors and windows of this quality, that is simply unheard of. And it’s guaranteed.

How do we do it? Let’s say it’s a rare blend of experience, method and steadfast commitment.


Bosquet builds high quality products at a very, very competitive price.


For one, you are dealing directly with the manufacturer – that would be us.

What’s more, Bosquet is now part of the Meubles Saint-Damase group, and has access to its outstanding purchasing power.

This allows Bosquet to get the very best parts and materials at very low prices. We then send these massive savings your way.


Bosquet is built on 70 years of experience, evolution and the pursuit of perfection.


This is how we’ve earned a stellar reputation of supreme craftsmanship and unyielding reliability at every level.

And to ensure we keep this reputation, we invest in facilities that allow us to deliver an impressive number of doors and windows, on time, that bear the Bosquet Seal, a mark of exceptional and consistent quality.

Portes et fenêtres de bois
Always made to measure.
Whatever the scope of your projects.

Whether you want to adorn a new property, raise your renovation game or honour the architectural heritage of your residence, dropping by Bosquet is always a wise stop.