What and Who
is Bosquet?

and tradition

a shared art and legacy

In the heartland of Quebec, South of Montreal, Bosquet creates and builds wood doors and windows of the highest level. We cater to a discerning clientele that appreciates the value of investing top-quality architectural elements.

And now, a bit of history: Bosquet is upholding the legacy of the Portes et fenêtres Benoit company. For 70 years, across three generations, the Benoit family has learned, refined and perfected the art of building wooden doors and windows.

Bosquet is committed to putting this woodworking and millwork at the centre of all we do. At the same time, we are looking forward, constantly evolving to offer custom-made wood doors and windows that are masterfully built and swiftly delivered.

Wood will last

Even better than ever

Wood has been here forever. If it was once seen as fickle and delicate, the same cannot be said anymore.

Wood is endowed with natural qualities that other materials simply cannot match. In our sometimes tropical and often quasi-Arctic climate, wood remains the matter of choice for exterior doors and windows. And that is especially when it is treated, coated and finished with the very best techniques and products available.

A masterfully crafted front door adds more than curb appeal. It’s the focal point of a property that projects the distinctive unique personality of its owners.

A matter of taste

At Bosquet, we select with you the wood essences that will best embody your wants and vision, such as Spanish cedar, white oak, walnut, mahogany and many other suitable wood varieties.

And speaking of variety, you can pick from one of our 25 base colours, or venture into more subtle and rare tones, created on demand.

Made to measure

It’s not all about size

Bosquet builds your door to your specifications. Down to the most minute details, like hues, shades and finishes, mouldings, transoms, side panels, and any other feature that truly make it your door.

Elegance and security go hand and hand, with smart and multipoint door locks, and a host of possible styles and finishes. 

Bosquet can also incorporate other materials to your door, like a granite sill. But that’s just an example.

World-class components

At Bosquet, we build your doors. Their quality is unparalleled. And that’s why we only pair them with locks, handles and other hardware of unparalled quality.

We are proud to put their names next to ours, because they are just as we are dedicated to excellence.  

Water-based solvents – a clear choice

At Bosquet, we’ve gone green for a while. But not from envy. We use exclusively tried and tested water-based solvents and products. It’s better for nature, our craftspeople and you.

Fitting values

Our vision, mission and pledge are rooted in these values

As strong and ancient as it is, wood remains vulnerable resource. We strive to work providers that manage this precious gift in a responsible way.

Community is at the heart of Bosquet. Not only do we prioritize locally-sourced material, we also make a point of maintaining our facilities in the area, with staff that live and prosper in the community.

Bosquet works with talented creators and architects that know just how to transform a simple hole in the wall into a unique and awe-inspiring work of art.

Our expertise stems from knowledge and skills accumulated and perfected over some 70 years of steady and passionate work.

This experience is apparent in the choices we make and the care we put in every single detail.

Bosquet is always two steps ahead of the latest trends and technological breakthroughs.

Our unrelenting pursuit of perfection drives us to incorporate the very best practices and techniques available.

When it comes to be a leader in architectural doors and windows, Bosquet vows to exceed the most stringent industry standards in terms of efficiency and quality.

The Bosquet Seal

More than a door

There is no doubt in our minds that Bosquet doors and windows are the best you will ever get.

They are made for you, according to your wants and vision. Bosquet does only one thing: Bosquet.

More than a brand

When we put the Bosquet Seal on our door, we know that your new purchase is absolutely flawless.

And this pledge extends to our no-nonsense warranty.

Always made to measure.
Whatever the scope of your projects.

Whether you want to adorn a new property, raise your renovation game or honour the architectural heritage of your residence, dropping by Bosquet is always a wise stop.